there we go again….

There is SO much wrong with that first picture:

1. “Awesome chapters”. No. Like hell they were “awesome chapters”. The entire plot twist behind everything and Arcs that followed makes no damn sense.

2. Madara, Kaguya and Zetsu were all unnecessary filler villains that amounted to absolutely nothing. The entire war should have ended back with Obito (only with him dying instead of being Jesus talked back into the real world).

3. NOW you are surprised that Sasuke and Naruto are doing this? Geez, you have not been paying attention between Naruto’s BFF boner and Sasuke’s flip-flopping.

4. The image of Goku coming in would have actually made the chapter better by having Goku go into Super Sayian God Mode and kicking BOTH their asses. At least then, I would have been entertained.

Dbz fan detected!